Educational strategies that increase engagement, retention and learning outcomes

Our instructional designers and creatives advise you on how to blend storytelling and multimedia to motivate and inspire learners. Then we collaborate with you throughout the development process, ensuring your objectives are met and your project feels smooth and enjoyable. We use a combination of strategies to create lasting associative memories that learners can recall and apply when they need.

At Poncho eLearning, we specialise in crafting immersive and engaging online learning experiences tailored to your needs and objectives.

Our instructional design experts at Poncho eLearning blend storytelling, multimedia, and learning neuroscience to create effective educational strategies that drive engagement and retention.

From compelling narratives to informative scripts, Poncho eLearning ensures that every word is meticulously crafted to deliver meaningful and impactful content.

Poncho eLearning’s skilled videographers bring your content to life with high-quality production, ensuring that your message resonates visually and emotionally.

At Poncho eLearning, our talented graphic designers transform ideas into visually stunning assets that enhance the learning experience and captivate learners.

From 2D illustrations to intricate 3D models, Poncho eLearning utilises cutting-edge design techniques to create dynamic visuals that enrich the learning environment.

Engage and motivate learners with Poncho eLearning’s gamification strategies, turning educational content into interactive experiences that foster participation and retention.

Poncho eLearning emphasises interactivity, allowing learners to actively engage with course material through simulations, quizzes, and other interactive elements, enhancing comprehension and retention.

We’ve developed and deployed hundreds of
e-learning projects across a range of indstries

Our custom e-learning experiences elevate training across a range of different applications. Our entertainers and educators have years of experience developing training; everything from weird and wacky to corporate and professional.

Poncho eLearning specialises in custom process change training, meticulously designed to align with your company’s unique workflows and facilitate smooth transitions.

Ensure the safety of your workforce with Poncho eLearning’s customised safety and security training, tailored to your organisation’s specific risks, protocols, and compliance requirements.

Foster a culture of alignment and engagement with Poncho eLearning’s bespoke company values and culture training, crafted to reflect your organisation’s ethos and foster a sense of belonging among employees.

Empower your leaders with Poncho eLearning’s tailored leadership training programs, designed to develop the specific skills and competencies needed to drive success within your organisation.

Welcome new hires to your organisation with Poncho eLearning’s customised induction training, personalised to introduce them to your company’s values, policies, and procedures, setting them up for success from day one.

Stay compliant and informed with Poncho eLearning’s customised legislation training, tailored to your industry and jurisdiction, ensuring your workforce has the knowledge and understanding necessary to adhere to legal requirements.

Promote ethical conduct and accountability within your organisation with Poncho eLearning’s tailored code of conduct training, designed to reflect your company’s specific values, policies, and expectations

Master the technical skills critical to your business with Poncho eLearning’s customised technical training programs, developed to address your organisation’s unique needs, technologies, and processes.