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Breathing For Increased Performance

By integrating captivating animations and interactive sound wave exercises, Poncho eLearning transformed breathing theory into actionable practice, empowering athletes to optimise their performance through synchronised breath work and real-time feedback.

Breathing For Increased Performance

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The Challenge

When the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) set out to boost athlete performance, they knew breathing played a vital role. But explaining complex breathing techniques and how they impact an athletes’ performance in a way that resonated with athletes of all ages and levels of experience was no easy feat. The AIS needed an Australian eLearning development company that could simplify these concepts for our Australian athletes.

The Creative Approach

We crafted an engaging solution that blended education with hands-on practice. Through captivating animations and innovative visual acoustic sound wave exercises, we made breathing theory tangible and fun. Athletes could now synchronise their breaths to specific tempos, enhancing their performance in a dynamic and interactive way, which let them test out various breathing rates and monitor how it made them feel.

The Training Outcome

AIS’s custom eLearning program wasn’t just informative; it was a game-changer. Athletes gained a deeper understanding of breathing techniques and had a practical tool to incorporate into their training routines. This online learning experience wasn’t just another course; it was a memorable tool that empowered athletes to excel when it mattered most. Poncho eLearning is extremely proud that our eLearning development helped Australia’s top athletes perform at a higher level.

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