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Clarifying Organisational Alignment With e-Learning

Poncho eLearning collaborated with Findex to simplify their Mission, Vision, Values, and Employee Value Proposition through visually engaging infographics and flowcharts. Employees gained a deeper understanding, fostering alignment with company principles and enhancing engagement and cohesion within the organisation.

Clarifying Organisational Alignment With e-Learning

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The Challenge

Findex recognized the need to demystify the relationship between its Mission, Vision, Values, and Employee Value Proposition (EVP). With employees struggling to grasp how these elements interconnected, there was a clear imperative to streamline and clarify their understanding. Findex sought a custom eLearning solution to simplify these concepts, fostering a deeper comprehension of their significance and alignment.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning embarked on a collaborative journey with Findex subject matter experts (SMEs) to dissect and analyse the intricacies of each component: Mission, Vision, Values, and EVP. Leveraging this expertise, Poncho developed a suite of visually engaging infographics, highlighting the key features and benefits of each element. These infographics were complemented by intuitive flowcharts, illustrating the interconnectedness between Mission, Vision, Values, and EVP. Integrated into an eLearning program, these resources provided Findex employees with a comprehensive and digestible overview of these critical organisational pillars.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution yielded significant benefits for Findex. Employees gained a deeper understanding of Mission, Vision, Values, and EVP, thanks to the visually rich and simplified presentation. By demystifying these concepts, Findex empowered its workforce to align with the company’s core principles and objectives more effectively. The eLearning product served as a valuable resource, facilitating clarity and cohesion within the organisation, ultimately contributing to enhanced employee engagement and alignment with Findex’s overarching goals.

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