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Empowering Aussie Call Center Talent

Poncho eLearning’s interactive induction training swiftly empowered Telstra’s new Australian call centre team. Through engaging media and comprehensive product insights, the program ensured rapid role familiarisation and enhanced customer service excellence, contributing to operational success amidst pandemic-related disruptions.

Empowering Aussie Call Center Talent

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The Challenge

Amidst the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Telstra faced the necessity of relocating its call centre operations back to Australia from the Philippines. This transition required a rapid and effective onboarding solution to train the new Australian call centre team members. Telstra sought the expertise of an eLearning development company capable of creating engaging and efficient training experiences to quickly familiarise the workforce with their roles and responsibilities.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning devised a dynamic approach to address Telstra’s training needs. Leveraging a variety of interactive media, including animated characters and audio case studies, the eLearning modules provided new call centre staff with practical insights into handling different types of calls and demonstrated best practices in customer interactions. Additionally, Poncho developed a comprehensive product overview section, offering new starters a quick and informative overview of Telstra’s diverse product categories and offerings.

The Training Outcome

In collaboration with Telstra, Poncho successfully developed and implemented a highly effective onboarding solution for the new Australian call centre operators. Despite the challenging circumstances, the custom eLearning solution facilitated a smooth and efficient transition, ensuring that the new workforce quickly acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. Telstra benefited from a streamlined onboarding process that empowered its call centre talent and contributed to operational success during a critical period.

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