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Empowering Customer Service Excellence

R&J Batteries and Poncho eLearning collaborate on an innovative CSR training program, with engaging animations, videos, and interactive elements. The program empowers CSRs with battery expertise and customer service skills, setting new standards for consistency, excellence in customer interactions and earning acclaim from management.

Empowering Customer Service Excellence

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The Challenge

R&J Batteries faced challenges in standardising and scaling the training of their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), as traditional methods like shadowing became impractical due to staff turnover. They sought a custom eLearning solution to ensure all CSRs were trained consistently to R&J’s high standards, aligning with the company’s values of responsible and ethical business practices.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning collaborated closely with R&J to develop a comprehensive and engaging training program. Leveraging a mix of animation, video, and interactive elements, the program aimed to upskill CSRs on batteries while enhancing their customer service skills. 3D animations provided insights into battery history and manufacturing processes, while a first-person video offered a glimpse into a typical day for a CSR. A sales training video, led by the sales manager, outlined the requirements and expectations of sales functions. Additionally, an interactive “choose your own adventure” video allowed learners to practise customer service skills in a safe environment, learning from their mistakes along the way.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution yielded outstanding results for R&J Batteries. The program set a new standard for engaging and entertaining learning experiences, effectively empowering CSRs with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles. By providing clear instructions and articulating standards throughout the customer service process, the program ensured consistency and alignment with R&J’s values. The project team and senior management were delighted with the outcome, recognising the program’s potential to serve as a complete reset and uplift for the entire customer service team, both existing and new talent alike.

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