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Financial Fluency for Hospitality

Poncho eLearning partnered with Mulpha to gamify financial literacy, transforming frontline staff training. Through interactive storytelling and character-driven scenarios, employees grasped key financial concepts, driving informed decision-making and boosting operational efficiency across restaurants and bars.

Financial Fluency for Hospitality

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The Challenge

Mulpha is a leading hospitality group with a premium portfolio of hotels, food and beverage offerings in Australia and across the globe. Mulpha recognised the critical need to equip its frontline workers with essential financial management skills. With a diverse workforce spanning various roles within restaurants and bars, Mulpha sought to rapidly upskill its staff in understanding key financial concepts. This initiative aimed to empower employees to make informed decisions that directly impact the financial performance of their establishments.

The Creative Approach

Engaging Poncho eLearning to revitalise the stalled project, Mulpha embarked on a collaborative journey to develop a dynamic eLearning solution. Poncho devised an immersive gamified learning experience centered around a fictional restaurant scenario. Through interactive storytelling and character-driven narratives, employees were guided through the intricacies of financial management in the hospitality industry. Each character within the virtual bar represented a different role, offering insights and actionable strategies to “move the needle” and enhance financial performance. Learners were empowered to apply these concepts in practical scenarios, such as suggesting profitable specials or optimising sales strategies.

The Training Outcome

The custom eLearning solution proved a transformative way to train Mulpha’s frontline workforce. By breaking down complex financial concepts into accessible and relatable content, employees gained a comprehensive understanding of restaurant and bar economics. The eLearning program served as a valuable tool for rapidly upskilling new hospitality staff across the group, fostering confidence and proficiency in financial decision-making. Mulpha achieved its objective of empowering employees to drive positive financial outcomes, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and profitability across its establishments.

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