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Game-Changing Stress Management

Empowering athletes through interactive stress management “Charlie’s Choice Point” gamified program equips athletes with practical stress-reduction techniques, enabling them to recognise and break unhelpful thought patterns. By engaging in interactive gameplay and mastering stress-reduction skills, athletes enhance their performance and mental resilience in high-pressure situations.

Game-Changing Stress Management

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The Challenge

Building on the base level knowledge of the choice point animation, AIS sought a method for athletes to consistently apply stress-reducing techniques. With athletes ranging from seasoned professionals to young talents as young as 14, there arose a need for an engaging e-learning program to facilitate repetitive practice and skill mastery.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning worked with AIS Psychologists to create “Charlie’s Choice Point,” a gamified learning experience that immersed athletes in common scenarios that induce stress during competitions. Through interactive gameplay, athletes navigated through challenges like sleep disturbances, unexpected setbacks, and intimidation from competitors. By identifying unhelpful thought patterns and applying stress-reduction techniques such as breathing exercises, music therapy, and meditation, athletes progressed through levels, enhancing their ability to manage stress effectively.

The Training Outcome

“Charlie’s Choice Point” provided athletes with a fun, engaging, and interactive learning experience, empowering them to recognize and break unhelpful thought patterns. By preparing athletes for potentially stressful situations and equipping them with practical strategies to mitigate stress, AIS effectively boosted athlete performance. With Poncho eLearning’s custom eLearning solution AIS was able to provide athlete’s with useful tools they could apply when preparing for, or competing at the highest level.

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