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Impactful Cyber Security Training

Jemena and Poncho eLearning revolutionised cyber security education with immersive video scenarios and a charismatic hacker character. The engaging training approach enhanced staff awareness, emphasising the critical role of vigilance in combating cyber threats.

Impactful Cyber Security Training

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The Challenge

In response to the escalating cyber security threats targeting companies in Australia, Jemena recognised the critical need to heighten awareness among its teams. Jemena sought a custom eLearning solution to ensure its staff understood the significance of their actions in mitigating cyber security vulnerabilities.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning devised a creative eLearning program that featured embedded video components to deliver impactful training. The centrepiece of the program was a series of interview-style segments with Jemena staff discussing cyber security. However, each staff member either provided incorrect information or demonstrated risky behaviours during the discussions. As the scenario unfolded, a simulated cyber security breach occurred, prompting the introduction of “Bruce,” a charismatic hacker character. Bruce candidly showcased how his “company” exploited the mistakes made by the staff to execute the hack successfully.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution proved highly successful for Jemena. The innovative approach, featuring a charismatic hacker and engaging video content, resonated well with the staff. The training provided a relatable and memorable experience, effectively raising awareness about cyber security risks and the importance of vigilance among employees. Jemena received positive feedback from end users, who appreciated the fresh perspective offered by the training, making it a valuable addition to their cyber security education initiatives.

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