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Managing Aggressive Behaviour Safely

Yarra Trams’ bespoke e-Learning initiative equipped frontline staff with practical strategies and real-life scenarios to effectively handle aggressive behaviour, ensuring safety and fostering a secure work environment.

Managing Aggressive Behaviour Safely

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The Challenge

Yarra Trams faced a pressing need to address the rise in aggressive behaviour towards frontline staff, necessitating the development of an online training package to equip employees with strategies to ensure their safety in various challenging situations.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning collaborated closely with the Yarra Trams team to identify specific safety concerns and develop a tailored training solution. Realistic case studies were created to illustrate different scenarios of aggressive behaviour, accompanied by clear instructions on appropriate responses. Poncho organised video shoots to capture each scenario authentically, incorporating narration to guide learners through the situations and provide actionable advice on staying safe. These scenarios were integrated into an eLearning package, combining video elements, theoretical knowledge, and interactive activities to reinforce learning and enhance retention.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution yielded significant benefits for Yarra Trams. The training package effectively communicated safety protocols and practical strategies for dealing with aggressive behaviour, empowering tram workers to protect themselves while on duty. The project team at Yarra Trams expressed satisfaction with the results, as the package provided clear guidance and actionable insights to enhance the safety and well-being of frontline staff.

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