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Navigating Stress in Sports

AIS’s innovative eLearning ‘Stress Bingo’ strategy revolutionises athlete training by simplifying stress management concepts and empowering athletes with practical skills for high-pressure situations.

Navigating Stress in Sports

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The Challenge

At the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), athletes face immense pressure to perform at their peak. Stress management is a crucial skill, but understanding the body’s reaction to stress and how to control it can be daunting. AIS sought a custom eLearning solution to simplify these complex concepts for AIS athletes.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning stepped up to the challenge with a creative approach. Through captivating animations, we simplified the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems under stress. But we didn’t stop there. We introduced a gamified ‘stress bingo’ interface, immersing athletes in an interactive game to identify stressors specific to their sports. This innovative tool not only explained the impact of stress on the nervous system but also provided actionable techniques for stress regulation.

The Training Outcome

AIS athletes gained a deeper understanding of stress and its effects on the body, thanks to simplified explanations and relatable examples tailored to various sports. By linking theory with practical applications, athletes were equipped with valuable skills that they could easily understand, retain, and apply in high-pressure situations.

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