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Peak Performance Mindset

Through engaging animations and simplified language, AIS equips athletes of all ages to identify and break unhelpful thought patterns during high-pressure moments, leading to improved mental attitudes and performance enhancements.

Peak Performance Mindset

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The Challenge

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) faced the daunting task of educating athletes of diverse ages and backgrounds on recognizing unhelpful thought patterns during high-pressure moments in their sports. From seasoned professionals to young athletes as young as 14, there was a need for an accessible and engaging learning solution to address this critical aspect of performance.

The Creative Approach

The Poncho team split the learning into 2 phases – the first phase was an animation which explained the definitions around the ‘choice point’ and then used athlete specific examples to explain the kind of situations that can lead to unhelpful thought patterns and how to recognise and break that pattern of behaviour.

The Training Outcome

AIS Physcology teams were able to deploy an online resource which clearly explained to athletes how to train themselves to recognise helpful thought patterns and use techniques to help create positive mental attitudes to improve their performance.

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