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Route Familiarisation Innovation

Poncho eLearning transformed route familiarisation training for Yarra Trams by creating immersive, interactive videos covering 250 km of track. The innovative approach streamlines driver upskilling, reduces training times, and enhances service delivery and passenger experience.

Route Familiarisation Innovation

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The Challenge

Yarra Trams faced the challenge of providing efficient and effective route familiarisation training for its drivers. The traditional method of shadowing experienced drivers on the network was time-consuming and impractical, especially for refreshing on routes or learning new ones. Yarra Trams sought a custom eLearning solution that would empower drivers to upskill or refresh themselves on various routes during breaks or downtime, enhancing their adaptability and efficiency.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning embarked on a monumental task of filming Yarra Trams’ entire network, covering 250 kilometres of track in both directions from a tram driver’s point of view. The footage was meticulously edited to highlight key points of interest and landmarks along the routes. Additionally, Poncho developed a set of icons and instructions to make hazards and essential locations easily identifiable while watching the video resources. This approach aimed to streamline the route familiarisation process and make it more engaging and accessible for drivers.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution resulted in significant benefits for Yarra Trams. By condensing route information into concise and visually engaging video resources, drivers could familiarise themselves with routes in a fraction of the time it would take to physically drive them. This revolutionised Yarra Trams’ training approach, reducing training times, and enabling faster upskilling of drivers. The result was a workforce of highly skilled and adaptable drivers, better equipped to navigate the network efficiently, ultimately contributing to improved service delivery and passenger experience.

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