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Setting the New Standard for Safety

Poncho eLearning and Ventia collaborated on an innovative safety training program, featuring interactive case studies that immerse learners in real-life scenarios of load restraint. The program’s engaging approach promoted safety awareness across Ventia’s diverse operations, setting a new standard for safety training excellence and fosters a culture of responsibility and accountability within Ventia.

Setting the New Standard for Safety

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The Challenge

As a leading essential infrastructure services provider across Australia and New Zealand, Ventia recognised the critical importance of load restraint in ensuring safety across its diverse operations. To address this need, Ventia sought a custom eLearning solution that would effectively communicate the significance of proper load restraint to all workers, spanning multiple industries within the company.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning took a creative approach by developing interactive case studies embedded within the eLearning program. These case studies featured real-life scenarios, including examples of best practices, near misses, and incidents related to load restraint. Utilising a unique “sliding doors” narrative technique, learners were immersed in scenarios where they could witness the potential consequences of failed load restraint. After seeing the impact, the scenario would rewind, presenting learners with an opportunity to make a different choice, such as checking and properly securing their load. This interactive approach fostered engagement and encouraged active participation in learning.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution yielded exceptional results for Ventia. The use of real workers in the filmed case studies added authenticity and credibility to the training, resonating well with the team. By providing an emotional connection to the topic and reinforcing the importance of load restraint through real-life examples, the eLearning program effectively conveyed the significance of safety practices across all sectors of Ventia’s operations. The program received positive feedback from the team, highlighting its success in promoting safety awareness and fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability within the organisation.

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