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Transforming Rail Induction for Success

Metro Trains Melbourne partnered with Poncho eLearning to revolutionise rail industry induction with a lifestyle TV approach. Featuring engaging segments and expert insights, the BRIK program transformed onboarding, reducing time and enhancing learning experience, and earned recognition in the Australian Institute of Training and Development Excellence Awards.

Transforming Rail Induction for Success

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The Challenge

Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) recognized the need to revamp its induction processes to better represent its brand and desired culture. The existing induction program was lengthy and focused solely on rail workers, overlooking the broader scope of roles within the rail industry. MTM sought a custom eLearning solution that would streamline the induction process, showcase the industry as a whole, and engage learners effectively.

The Creative Approach

Poncho eLearning took a creative approach by structuring the Basic Rail Industry Knowledge (BRIK) Induction Program like a lifestyle TV show. A professional presenter welcomed rail workers to the program, guiding them through a series of engaging segments featuring subject matter experts. Each expert offered unique insights into their role within the rail industry, making the learning experience both informative and memorable. By adopting a television-style format, the program aimed to captivate learners and convey key information in an engaging manner.

The Training Outcome

The implementation of the custom eLearning solution yielded exceptional results for MTM. The BRIK Induction Program received an overwhelmingly positive response, enabling MTM to significantly reduce induction times while enhancing the overall learning experience. The program effectively showcased MTM and the rail industry, modelling best practices through engaging and memorable presentations by subject matter experts. Staff reception was highly favourable, and the program’s success was further validated by its recognition as a finalist in the Australian Institute of Training and Development Excellence Awards for Best Induction Program in 2023.

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