We make eLearning development easy for you.

Welcome to Poncho eLearning

At Poncho, we take our purpose ‘To educate through entertainment’ very seriously. Our commitment to the highest quality eLearning development has made us recognised as one of the top eLearning development companies in Australia.

Our vision for eLearning development goes way beyond the ‘click-through’ style of eLearning course development that dominates the eLearning development industry. 

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'Our vision is to develop eLearning that motivates, inspires and entertains learners.'

Our vision for eLearning

Our vision is to develop eLearning that motivates, inspires and entertains learners so that they get an engaging, rewarding and memorable learning experience. This helps create lasting associative memories that learners can recall and apply when they need it in real world situations.

We are a team of eLearning content developers who specialise in entertainment based learning.

Our team of instructional designers and eLearning developers are have deep skills and experience in eLearning course development for adult learners.

Developing engaging eLearning is our specialty

We blend storytelling and multimedia to provide fun, memorable, engaging custom eLearning content development for our clients.
As well as eLearning course development services, we also provide 2D and 3D animation, video production and gamification to create learning experiences that are enjoyable and memorable.

This results in:

  • Improved learning outcomes.
  • Increased retention, and
  • Greater ROI on elearning development costs.
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eLearning Development

Corporate training video producer

Corporate Training Videos

2D and 3D explainer videos

2D and 3D animated explainer videos

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Gamification of eLearning & more

Recognised as one of Australia's top eLearning development companies

 The Australian Institute of Training & Development Excellence Awards (AITD) excellence awards recognise and acknowledge eLearning development services in Australia. In In 2022 we were recognised as one of the top eLearning development company’s in Australia, being  finalists in 3 of the Australian Institute of Training & Development Excellence Awards, and winning the prestigious award for ‘Best use of gamification / simulation for learning’, beating some of Australia’s top eLearning content developers, to take out the award.

Top elearning development best blended learning

2022 Finalist - Best Blended Learning Solution

Top elearning development best use of gamification

2022 Winner - Best use of Gamification / Simulation for learning

Top elearning development best use of technology

2022 Finalist - Best Use of Technology for Learning

We make eLearning development easy for you.

Are you responsible for eLearning Development?

If you are responsible for developing elearning for your company, but don’t have time or resources, we can help.
Developing professional elearning resources can be a complex, daunting and sometimes stressful task if you don’t have the right people, skills, process or technology.

The good news is – we can help ease this stress, and guide you through the development process step by step.

Our team has over 20 years experience developing eLearning for some of Australia’s biggest companies, and we have the team, systems and processes to make your eLearning development project simple, easy and fun. 

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Bring your eLearning to life, using the power of Storytelling

Once you’ve chosen to develop an eLearning package, you are ready to bring your eLearning project to life by adding storytelling.

Storytelling is a great way to create job or role specific course content that really engages learners. Your eLearning content may be enhanced by using a training video, case study, interactive scenario, explainer animation video, gamificaiton and more.

As well as custom eLearning development, the Poncho eLearning team also specialise in 2D animation, 3D animation and corporate training video production.

This means we can manage all aspects of your eLearning development project without you needing to source and deal with different animation companies, corporate video production companies or whiteboard animation companies to create and embed media elements into your eLearning course.

Check out our range of services for more information. 

Enhance your eLearning course using:

explainer videos

Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a fantastic way to tell stories, convey emotion or demonstrate ideas or case studies in a fun, relatable way. They help break up your eLearning course and offer a unique way to tell stories. 

corporate training videos

Training Videos

Corporate Training Videos can be developed as a stand-alone training product, or can be embedded into your eLearning course to engage people and help them learn.

3D environments in elearning

3D Environments

A great way to enhance your eLearning project is with using 3D animations. These can be used to create very realistic training environments for your industry which you can embed into your eLearning course

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.” –  Walt Disney

We develop eLearning for some of Australia's biggest companies