The ROI of Custom eLearning

Organisations today increasingly recognise the power of eLearning to improve employee development and training especially in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Custom eLearning has emerged as a popular option for many organisations, offering a range of benefits over traditional training methods.

In this article, we’ll explore the return on investment (ROI) of custom eLearning and discuss how Poncho E-learning, an award-winning eLearning development services provider, can help generate ROI from our custom eLearning solutions.

The ROI of Custom eLearning

What is Custom eLearning Development?

Custom eLearning refers to the development of online learning content that is tailored to the specific needs of an organisation. This content can take many forms, including interactive modules, videos, and simulations.

The goal of custom eLearning is to provide employees with training that is relevant to their roles and that can be accessed at any time.

Developing custom eLearning programs is invaluable for organisations seeking to maximise ROI in their training investments.

The Return on Investment of Custom eLearning

The ROI of custom eLearning can be significant for any organisation. One of the most significant benefits of custom eLearning is cost-effectiveness.

In fact, studies have shown that companies that have implemented eLearning programs have seen a 50% reduction in training costs compared to those that use traditional training methods.

This is because eLearning courses can be developed and then delivered to multiple learners at the same time, which reduces the need for additional resources – such as training venues and additional trainers.

Furthermore, custom eLearning can have a significant impact on employee performance. By providing employees with relevant and engaging training, organisations can improve employee retention and productivity.

This can lead to impressive cost savings, contributing to higher ROI from online learning development.

Additionally, by developing custom eLearning programs targeted at specific job roles, the elearning can be highly specialised and designed to meet the specific learning gaps within that particular role.

This means that employees can access highly specialised elearning programs, at their own pace, and the content is highly relevant to their skill level and job requirements. This level of personalisation can result in better learning outcomes and higher engagement and retention from employees.

The ROI of custom eLearning is significant and can benefit any organisation. By reducing training costs, improving employee performance, and providing targeted learning experiences, organisations can increase their revenue and achieve a higher ROI.

The ROI of Custom eLearning.

How Poncho E-Learning Can Help

At Poncho E-learning, we specialise in providing eLearning development services, including custom eLearning, to businesses, companies, universities and RTOs.

With our unique approach to eLearning development, we help organisations create effective online training experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

Our team of eLearning development experts has the knowledge and experience to make the process of developing custom eLearning programs easy and fun.

Whether you need help with instructional design, eLearning development, animation or gamification, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your training goals.

By partnering with Poncho E-learning, you can reduce training costs, improve training outcomes, and generate a higher ROI. Our award-winning eLearning development services provide industry, company, or role-specific training, rather than generic eLearning content.

We can also incorporate gamification into our eLearning or blended learning solutions. This has helped us win awards for gamification and become recognised as one of Australia’s top e-learning development companies.

Our goal is to become the ‘Disney’ of the eLearning industry, and through our storytelling and multimodal media, we create engaging learning experiences.


Custom eLearning development is a cost-effective and flexible training solution that can have a significant impact on employee performance. By partnering with an eLearning development services provider like Poncho E-learning, organisations can create effective online training experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

So why not take the first step towards improving your training outcomes and generating a higher ROI? Contact Poncho E-learning today to learn more about our eLearning development services.

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