Animated Explainer Videos in Australia

Animated Explainer Videos

Animations are a fantastic way to tell stories, convey emotion or demonstrate ideas or case studies in a fun, relatable way.

The secrets to great animation are; a clever script, a great storyboard, fantastic artwork and professional animation technique.

At Poncho e-Learning, we specialise in all kinds of animation, including:

• Icon or Infographic Explainer Animations

• Whiteboard/Hand Drawn Explainer Animations

• Character Animated Explainer Videos

• Motion Animation Explainer Videos

• Advanced 2D or 3D Animated Explainer Videos

animated explainer videos

Our eLearning Development Process

animation development process

Animated Explainer Videos - (Up to 5 minutes)


Icon or Infographic Explainer Animations (Bronze)

Want to liven up statistics, theory or concepts? Icon or Infographic explainer animations are perfect for creating a striking visual representation.
They consist of animating a variety of icons, symbols, statistics or words.
animation explainer video 1

Whiteboard/Hand Drawn Explainer Animations (Bronze)

This fun style mimics an artist doodling the illustrations on a whiteboard, blackboard or paper, while a narrator tells the story.

* Created using templated backgrounds, characters and objects. Specific environments, characters and objects can be added, but may incur additional costs.

Character Animated Explainer Videos (Silver)

This style uses existing characters, environments, equipment or machinery.

The characters and objects perform basic movements which help to add personality, colour and movement to the explainer video.
character animated explainer videos

Motion Animation Explainer Videos (Gold)

With motion animation we can really bring existing characters, objects or machinery to life.

We do this by enabling specific movements, walk cycles, mouth movements, voice syncing, machinery operations and more.

Advanced 2D or 3D Animated Explainer Videos (Platinum)

These are highly detailed, technically specific custom animations which require creation of scenes or characters, realistic movement, or 3D development.

advanced 2D or 3D animated explainer videos