How eLearning Development Can Help Solve The 5 Biggest Challenges to Training in Australia in 2023

How eLearning Development Can Help Solve The 5 Biggest Challenges to Training in Australia in 2023

Training oragnisations and training departments play a critical role in the eLearning development and growth of the Australian workforce. However, despite their importance, training delivery in Australia faces several unique challenges in 2023.

These challenges can impact their ability to deliver effective training programs, and affect their profitability. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 biggest challenges facing training organisations in Australia in 2023 and discuss how hiring an eLearning development company can help to alleviate these problems.

5 Biggest Challenges Facing Training Organisations in Australia for eLearning Development


  1. Attracting and retaining quality trainers
    One of the biggest challenges facing training organisations and departments in Australia is attracting and retaining quality trainers. With high demand for skilled trainers and limited supply, it can be difficult for training organisations to find and keep the best trainers.Add to this the need for trainers to continuously update their qualification to stay current, this can create a significant shortage in trainers to meet demand. To overcome this challenge, training organisations would benefit from using an eLearning development company to assist them in converting their face to face training to blended or online learning.

    An Australian based eLearning development company can assist in breaking down the learning, identifying which components would work best in the online platform and advise which components should stay as face to face training. By developing a quality blended learning solution, training companies or departments can dramatically increase their throughput, and reduce their overall training costs.

  2. Ensuring quality training programs
    Training organisations must also ensure that their training programs are of high quality. This requires ongoing investment in program development, assessment, and improvement. It also requires a focus on ensuring that trainers have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective training.By hiring an external eLearning development company, training departments are able to extend their team’s capacity and rapidly develop and deploy high quality custom online solutions, without that burden falling to their internal team. Australia’s By choosing an eLearning development company who specialise in developing engaging elearning resources such as videos, animations and games which boost enjoyment, engagement and retention of your online resources. Media plays an important role in education in Australia.

    According to recent studies, the average Australian spends around 2 hours and 25 minutes watching video content each day, which is one of the highest levels of video consumption in the world. While the majority of this video consumption takes place on streaming platforms (such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, and TV channels), there is also a growing audience consuming video content on their mobile devices, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, where short-form video content is becoming increasingly popular.

    By embedding short form video content (known as bite-sized or chunking in the eLearning development industry), companies can create engaging, fun, entertaining learning experiences and all while reducing their reliance on their internal trainers.

  3. Meeting the needs of diverse learners with low literacy rates, or English as second language
    Another challenge facing training organisations in Australia is meeting the needs of a diverse learner population. With a range of ages, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles, it can be difficult for training organisations to develop programs that meet the needs of all learners.By employing an eLearning development company who understands how to both write and develop training for ESL or low literacy learners, companies can meet the needs of divers learners without needing their internal training teams to be specialists in this area.
  4. Keeping pace with technological advancements
    Training organisations in Australia must also keep pace with technological advancements and incorporate new technologies into their training programs. This can be a significant challenge for organisations that lack the resources or expertise to invest in new technologies.One example of this is having the technical knowledge for their internal trainers and support teams to be able to develop and deploy blended or online training programs. To overcome this challenge, training organisations can partner with eLearning development providers who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and technology to develop the training resources on their behalf.

    This allows the training organization or department to focus on what they do best (deliver training), with their chosen eLearning development partner looking after the technical side of eLearning design and development.

  5. Attracting and retaining both Australian and International students
    Training companies and RTOs must also work to attract and retain students, especially with increasing competition in the education sector. By working with an eLearning development partner who understands how to develop high quality, engaging online and blended learning, training companies can develop elearning experiences that students actually enjoy, remember and refer.An external eLearning development company can help create learning experiences that bring the love of learning back to online learning. This not only increases enjoyment and the overall learning experience, it also improves completion rates and boosts the amount of positive feedback and referrals a training company receives. This can help training companies attract more Australian and International students.

eLearning Development Biggest Challenges to Training

In conclusion, the unique challenges facing training organisations in Australia are significant, but through developing innovative online and blended learning solutions they can be overcome. When choosing an eLearning development company in Australia, choose one with a focus on quality, innovation, and collaboration.

Choose a company that understands Australian learners and knows how to develop and engage ESL and low literacy learners. By partnering with the right eLearning development team, training organisations can overcome many of these challenges and continue to play a critical role in the development and growth of the Australian workforce.


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