Why RTOs Need to up their eLearning Game in 2021

So, if we look back to 2019, everyone was used to getting up and going to work, and travelling to face-to-face training. And while we had eLearning and video conferencing, in many industries, face-to-face was still the dominant learning mechanism.

2020 was a game-changer tho and when face-to-face became impossible, any eLearning solution to keep things ticking along, that was better than nothing. So, if something didn’t work quite right or look quite right, learners were very understanding because the whole world had to pivot.

This shift has led to 2021 becoming a critical point in time for eLearning. People now see travelling for work or for training as optional. There’s a lot more people working flexibly and looking for the option to train flexibly or looking for a blended solution.

People are starting to expect if a provider is offering a face-to-face course, that there is also a blended option or an eLearning-only option.

As we move forward in 2021 there’s a couple of major things learners will be looking for when choosing a training provider.
1. The option to do that course from home or at very least in a blended format, and;
2. That the eLearning component is so fun, engaging and memorable that it’s actually better quality than a face-to-face course.|

While many training providers probably have the first point covered, very few can actually claim that they’ve achieved an online course which is better than their face to face option.
What training providers need to realise though, is that times have changed.

And that click through eLearning is just not going to cut it as people look for better and better quality eLearning.

The grace period of ‘tolerating’ poor quality eLearning is coming to an end, and as we move forward learners will become more and more impatient with sub par online courses and demand a more enjoyable experience.

That makes 2021 the time to get creative. To be ahead in this game you need to really start to think about how you will engage learners online. How can you embed choice into the learning? How can you make branching scenarios or branching Assessments?

Can you embed engaging infographics, case studies or scenario based learning? What can you do with videos? It’s easier to film now than ever with GoPros, drones and phones producing incredible quality. You can create 3D environments, use gamification, branching video scenarios or use virtual or augmented reality.

There’s never been a better time to create amazing eLearning experiences and there’ve never been so many tools available to help you.

Now is the time where training providers can step up and use these amazing tools to create super engaging, fun and memorable eLearning experiences. The training providers that can do this and provide flexible delivery options will be the big winners in 2022 and beyond.

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